Evan's Big Journey

Evan's Big Journey

Paralympic Flame Ambassador for Yorkshire

Evan was incredibly lucky to be picked to be Yorkshire's Paralympic Flame Ambassador and attended a ceremony in Trafalgar Square where he collected the flame to take back to Yorkshire. We need to update the site in more detail but here are some links in the meantime.... 

Various radio clips are in the "In The Press" section -------------------------> 

ITV Calendar clip

Look North clip

Evan collecting the flame clip

BBC news article

ITV news article

Photos of the trip


We are also looking out for any other articles or pictures - if you see any please email us via the site.  

There are also a few more blogs which detail our experience of those days (click the link to view the blog or visit www.evansbigjourney.blogspot.com 


Evan 2yr Post-SDR video




Evan's Big Journey.

Thanks to everyone's support, Evan had SDR surgery on the 27th January 2011 - he took his first steps (aged 6) just a few months later. A little over a year later he mastered over 1000 steps, can stand for over 10 minutes and has even been on the TV as he walked to school. If you wish to follow our Journey you can do so by following our blog here

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About Evan...

 Evan’s journey began at 24 week gestation when his mum’s waters broke. After 6 long weeks, and plenty of TLC @ Jimmy’s hospital he was born at 30 weeks but the lack of water meant his lungs had not matured properly and this added to the complication of being born early. He had a very traumatic first 24 hours where, at one stage, they didn’t think he would survive. He did and has made us proud every day since then.

At 14 months he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which only affects him physically. Like his older sister and younger brother, he is a wonderful child, Full of wit and humour and doing very well at school.